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Ant Esports JS55 Flight Simulation Joystick


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Ant Esports JS55 Flight Simulation Joystick



With plug-and-play functionality, this joystick eliminates the need for additional drivers, seamlessly integrating with any Windows-based device, be it a laptop or desktop. The dedicated acceleration button enhances in-flight control, while the sleek grey and black color scheme ensures it complements any gaming setup.The JS55 doesn’t just stop at aesthetics—it features a heavy base for added stability and an ergonomic grip, designed for comfort during extended gaming sessions. Take command of the skies with the Ant Esports JS55 Joystick and redefine your flight simulation adventures.

Precision for Flight Simulations

The Ant Esports JS55 joystick is tailor-made for flight simulations, providing users with high precision control that enhances the realism of virtual flying experiences. The joystick’s accurate response ensures that every subtle movement is faithfully translated into the virtual cockpit.

Vibrational Feedback for Immersive Gaming

Elevate your gaming experience with vibrational feedback, adding a new dimension of immersion to your flight simulations. The Ant Esports JS55 joystick delivers tactile sensations, making it feel like you’re truly in the cockpit, experiencing the rumble of engines and the subtle vibrations of flight.

Versatile Button Configuration

With 12 programmable buttons and eight hat switch functionality, the Ant Esports JS55 offers extensive customization options. Tailor the joystick to your preferences, assigning commands and functions for a personalized and efficient gaming experience.

Plug and Play Convenience

The Ant Esports JS55 joystick is designed for hassle-free setup. Its plug-and-play functionality means you can dive into your favorite flight simulations without the need for additional drivers. Simply connect the joystick to your Windows-based laptop or desktop, and you’re ready to take to the skies.

Stylish and Stable Design

With a sleek grey and black color scheme, the Ant Esports JS55 adds a touch of style to any gaming setup. The joystick’s heavy base provides stability during intense gaming sessions, while the ergonomic grip ensures comfortable hand placement even during extended periods of gameplay. The dedicated acceleration button further enhances control, making it a standout choice for aviation enthusiasts.



Brand Ant Esports
Color Black Grey
Product Name Ant Esports JS55 Joystick
Compatibility Windows
Functionality Plug-and-play
Control Precise for flight sims
Feedback Vibrational
Buttons 12 programmable
Hat Switch 8 functionality
Customization Extensive configuration
Acceleration Button Dedicated
Base Heavy for stability
Grip Ergonomic
Primary Use Flight simulations
Warranty 1 Year
Note *Features, Price and Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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