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DeepCool Sanctioned by United States Government

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US Sanctions DeepCool, Impacting US Operations

A recent US government action may force a major player in the computer cooling industry, a Chinese company known for its cases and fans, to significantly scale back its US operations.

On Thursday, the US State Department included the company, DeepCool, in a list of sanctioned entities. The accusation: allegedly supplying over $1 million worth of products to two Russian firms.

This action is part of a wider US strategy to target entities that undermine existing sanctions imposed on Russia in response to the Ukraine conflict. DeepCool is among seven Chinese companies sanctioned for supplying Russia with controlled microelectronics, potentially bolstering their military capabilities.

According to the US State Department, “imports from China are filling critical gaps” in Russia’s defense production, enabling them to manufacture weapons and strengthen their military infrastructure.

The specific details of the products DeepCool allegedly sold to Russia remain unclear. However, reports indicate they may have supplied a Russian computer manufacturer and a freight transport company. Notably, both these Russian entities were previously sanctioned by the US Treasury Department in September to disrupt Russia’s military supply chain.

DeepCool has not yet responded to requests for comment. However, the sanctions have the potential to severely impact DeepCool’s US presence, potentially affecting customer support and overall operations.

It’s important to note that these US sanctions only target Deepcool’s operations within the United States. Indian customers and businesses can expect normal operations to continue for Deepcool products and services.

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