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Corsair HX1200i 1200 Watt ATX 3.0 80 Plus Platinum Power Supply


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Corsair HX1200i



A fully digital PC power supply is a modern iteration of the traditional PSU, bringing with it a ton of advanced features and efficiencies. Unlike their analog counterparts, digital power supplies employ digital microprocessors to handle power distribution and management. This finer control allows for more accurate, efficient, and performance-driven outcomes in your computing environment.

At the heart of each digital PSU is a sophisticated digital controller that is capable of managing power flow with unprecedented precision. These PSUs leverage modern switching technologies that adjust voltage and current in real time in response to the system’s demands. The result is a power supply that is unmatched in efficiency. Digital PSUs also offer robust monitoring and control capabilities and through CORSAIR iCUE, users have visibility and fine-tuning adjustments, ensuring their system performs optimally and safely under a wide range of workloads and environmental conditions.


The 80 Plus certification is an energy efficiency certification program that indicates a power supply’s ability to convert input power into output power at various load levels. Defined by a set of efficiency criteria, an 80 Plus certified PSU must demonstrate efficiency ratings of at least 80% under typical loads. But what does efficiency mean in this context? It’s the amount of power actually delivered to your components, relative to what’s drawn from the wall. An 80% efficiency rating ensures for every 100W pulled from the outlet, a minimum of 80W reaches your system’s components. Additionally, The HX1200I has also been certified with Cybenetics.

The CORSAIR H1200i PSU is Platinum 80 PLUS certified. This indicates that the PSU has an efficiency of at least 90% at 20% load, 92% at 50% load, and 89% at 100% load making it an extremely efficient PSU. High-efficiency power supplies waste less energy in the form of heat and save you money on electricity bills. Additionally, they can provide a more stable and cleaner power output, which is beneficial for your components’ lifespan.


In high-performance PCs, stable power delivery is non-negotiable. Japanese capacitors, in particular, have become synonymous with quality and reliability and they enhance power stability, making them the go-to for systems that cannot afford power inconsistencies. Capacitors store and release electrical energy quickly to manage the demand fluctuations from computer components. They help smooth out the power delivery, acting as a buffer against spikes and dips, and ensure that the voltage remains within safe operating limits.


Designed to meet the increasing power demands of modern desktops, particularly those with high-end graphics cards, the ATX 3.0 standard is set to become a new benchmark for power supply units (PSUs) in the industry. ATX 3.0 offers a more robust and future-proof solution, and at the core of the ATX 3.0 standard are a few key innovations that tech enthusiasts and PC builders should be aware of:

  • 12+4 Pin Power Connector: One of the standout features of ATX 3.0 is an additional power connector dubbed “PCIe 5.0 12VHPWR” – a 12-pole connector with 4 additional sense lines, designed to supply power-hungry hardware, like next-gen GPUs, without the need for multiple power cables.
  • Higher Power Capacities: The ATX 3.0 standard can deliver more power compared to its predecessors, with PSUs expected to handle up to 600 watts for a single PCIe connector.
  • Improved Efficiency: ATX 3.0 PSUs are designed to be more energy-efficient, reducing waste heat.
  • Better Thermal Performance: With increased power delivery, thermal management becomes a concern—the ATX 3.0 standard addresses this with specifications for improved cooling solutions.

The HX1200i PSU is equipped with a 140mm fluid dynamic bearing fan. These bearings offer several factors in their design that improve efficiency, such as a layer of lubrication fluid that prevents friction in the rotating movements. Less friction equals a smoother rotation and less wear over time.


The most obvious advantage of fully modular PSU cabling is the ability to cater to your specific system’s requirements. You can choose the exact number and type of cables that suit the components you’ve selected, whether it be a powerhouse PC for gaming or a lean configuration for productivity tasks. This customization not only reduces unnecessary bulk within the case but can also contribute to a much easier build process.


Zero RPM Fan Mode maximizes efficiency and helps reduce noise by switching the fan off at low and medium loads. This means the fan will not spin unless the PSU requires it to in order to cool itself. So, if you’re just browsing reddit, writing in a word doc, or anything else that’s low-intensity, this PSU won’t contribute any noise to your system.


Windows Modern Standby Allows Windows PCs to transition between on/off states faster, similar to smartphones. The HX1200i PSU supports Modern Standby. This provides better load efficiency, allowing users to get to games quicker and play longer.


For peace of mind from premature wear, the HX1200i PSU comes with a 10-year warranty that offers 24/7 technical support by CORSAIR.


That’s everything you need to know about the digital power supply that will power just about any rig for years to come, the CORSAIR HX1200i PSU. Remember, a PSU is not just another mundane part; it dictates the tone and tenor of your entire setup. As you set out to fortify your rig, remember that the right PSU is the silent sentinel that guards your fortress—your PC.


Brand Corsair
Color Black
Cybenetics Efficiency Platinum
Cybenetics Noise A
ATX Connector 1
ATX12V Version 3.0
Cable Type Type 4
Continuous Power W 1200 Watts
EPS Connector 2
Fan Bearing Technology Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Fan Size MM 140mm
Multi GPU Ready Yes
SATA Connector 8
PATA Connector 8
Modular Fully
PCIe Connector 4
MTBF Hours 100,000 hours
PSU Form Factor ATX
Zero RPM Mode Yes
80 PLUS Efficiency Platinum
Weight 4.4
Warranty 10 Year
Note *Features, Price and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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